Location:Egmore, Chennai
Built In:1923

Freemasons Hall ChennaiFreemasons Hall is situated in the Egmore area of Chennai. It is the living example of the cultural and traditional heritage of the people who inhabited the ancient city of Madras. The construction of this building was completed in the year 1923. Freemasons Hall was constructed by the East India Company, during the colonial rule. The purpose behind constructing such a building was to create military lodges, secured by the foreign powers. Freemasons Hall is one of the finest buildings of Tamil Nadu.

The location of the structure is such that it can be easily reached from any corner of the city. Freemasons Hall is a double storey mansion and can accommodate around 200 people at a time. It has been designed with the help of Greek style of engineering. This is clearly visible from the mammoth pillars and the use of Italian tiles and marbles, which adorn the interiors of the Hall. The small Lodge room on the first floor is capable of accommodating 60 people at a time and is meant for holding Masonic meetings.

There is a Dinning Hall on the first floor which is approached by a winding staircase. This staircase is made up of Sholingar stones, with wrought iron and grill. The verandas are adorned with Italian tiles. The two lodge rooms are illuminated and ventilated with the help of huge windows, nearly 12 feet above the floor. The walls are decorated with Masonic emblems, which are formed by plaster and glided. Consequently, the Freemasons Hall is constructed keeping in mind all the modern day requirements and Indian climatic conditions
Location:Island Grounds
Built in:1640
Built By:The British

Fort St. George ChennaiSt. George Fort is located on the banks of Bay of Bengal. It was built by the British East India Company in 1640 AD. The fort is believed to be the first establishment of the British in India. It is a military architecture marvel, which was erected as a trading post and later evolved to be the origin of modern Indian Army. Situated in the coastal state of Tamil Nadu, this ancient monument is worth watching on your trip to Chennai. St. George Fort holds great historical importance and is looked after by the Archaeological Survey of India.

Towards the end of the 17th century, the East India Company was established by the British. Their main aim behind this was trade and economic activities. After this, the company was looking for a permanent trading station. Their dream was realized when they acquired the land on which the fort stands today. The company built the fort on this land and expanded their activities. It served as a home away from home for the officials of the East India Company. This helped in the development of the city of Madras.

St. George Fort has a number of other worth watching monuments within its boundaries. St. Mary's Church, situated in the fort, is one of the oldest surviving churches built by the British in India. This beautiful building has stood the test of time and still holds the splendor of the yore. The glass windows, wall frescos, teak plaques still shine with their all time glory. Another fascinating structure here is the 150 ft tall Flagstaff, made entirely of teakwood. Though the original flagstaff is no more to be seen, its remains are still visible.

One of the most striking buildings here is the Fort St. George Museum. It houses the relics of the British personnel, who inhabited this fort. The construction of the building was completed ion 1795 and served as the Madras Bank. The long hallway upstairs once served the venue for public meetings as well as for entertainment. A light house was also built on top of the building in 1976. After Independence, the Archaeological Survey of India declared the fort as a protected monument.

The fort museum showcases a host of artifacts such as coins, medals, paintings, letters, etc, belonging to the colonial period. There is a 14.5 ft tall statue of Lord Cornwallis in front of the museum, which is an art masterpiece. It was brought to India from Britain through ship. It is carved with a scene depicting Tipu Sultan, his two sons and the East India Company officials. The importance of the fort cannot be undermined till date, as it still serves as an important base for the Indian Army.
Location:T. Nagar
Inaugurated In:1978
Dedicated To:Shri Kamraj, Former Chief Minister

Kamaraj Memorial House is built in the memory of the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Shri Kamaraj. He was an ideal for all the Indians, as he rose out of poverty and became the Chief Minster thrice. The Memorial House was inaugurated in 1978 by the then Chief Minister, M. G. Ramchandaran. The memorial is spread on the two floors of the building. It showcases the personal photographs and effects of Shri Kamaraj, which provide an insight into his life.

The ground floor has a bedroom which was once the personal den of this venerated bachelor. The room is adorned with plain furniture that symbolizes the plain and simple life Shri Kamaraj led. There is also a well stocked library in the house, occupied by the books like volumes of 'Lok Sabha Debates', '100 Modern Lives', 'Churchill' and 'Doctor Zhivago'. Shri Kamaraj had to discontinue his schooling, but it did not stop him from becoming a well read man. The Memorial House also exhibits a rare collection of his photographs.

The walls of the dinning hall are covered with black and white photographs of Kamaraj's life. The photographs provide a quick look at his childhood, youth upto his late life years. Some of the most intriguing pictures are thaose of his 1954 swearing-in as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, the first Kamaraj Ministry of 1954, the second of 1957 and the third of 1962. There are even pictures of him with eminent personalities, like Pt. Nehru, Sarojini Naidu, Rajendra Prasad, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Indira Gandhi, M.G Ramachandran, Martin Luther King, Queen Elizabeth, etc.

The second floor of the House also displays a number of his belongings, like luxuriant Felicitation Shawls, his simple attire, his suitcases, timepiece, pens and utensils. One of the prized possessions of this exhibition is the prison coat, worn by him while serving term in prison in the year 1942. The displayed personal effects of Kamaraj include his spectacles, a spool tape player and even a Gillette shaving set. Apart from this, there are also pictures showing the leader in different moods.
Location:T. Nagar
Dedicated To:MGR Ramachandran
Inaugurated In:1990

MGR Memorial ChennaiMGR Memorial is a yet another memorial in Chennai. It is dedicated to the former actor cum politician of Tamil Nadu, MGR Ramachandran. The monument is situated at T. Nagar and is easily accessible from all parts of the city. MGR Memorial was inaugurated by Mrs. Janaki MGR in 1990. It was the official residence of the politician for more than two decades. As soon as you enter the house, you can see a dark green colored car, which still has the number plate intact on it.

The hummable music of the songs of his films, fill the environment with the memories of the yore. As you reach the reception, you will see the various shields presented to the actor. His office is located at the first floor, which is adorned with all his belongings and personal effects. The exhibits in the room includes swords, spears, heavy wooden clubs, his plate, tumbler, telephone instrument, his shirts, the medals won by him, television, the books read by him, camera, trolley & the cloth bandage that was tied on him when he was shot.

Apart from this, the room also holds memoirs like photographs taken from MGR's films, letters received by him, Dr.MGR's MLA identification card, his famous cap and dark glasses, pen, the 'Bharath Ratna' medal and the doctorate degree certificate. Taking into consideration the gallery of the films and the photos displayed, it is simply a treat for MGR's fan. The most astonishing feature of the memorial is that it does not have a single sponsor.

According to MGR's will, the memorial is maintained by the revenue generated from the market he owned at Alandur. From the day of its inception, thousands of his fan and visitors have thronged the place to experience the splendor of the beloved actor-cum-politician and remember him with affection. The entrance of MGR Memorial has been marked with a bronze statue of Ramachandran. The memorial is maintained by the MGR Memorial Charitable Trust and has free entry for all.
Location:Anna Salai Road
Built in:Mid 1800

Thousand Lights Mosque ChennaiThousand Lights Mosque is a well-known worship place for the Muslims in the Chennai city of Tamil Nadu. It is situated at the Anna Salai Road in the city. The mosque is popular for a number of reasons, such as its name, its architecture and its historical and religious importance. In early 19th century, the place where the mosque presently stands used to be the assembly place of the Shiite Muslims, during the month of Muharram. Later, the assembly hall was built, following which the mosque was constructed.

The total area of the land, which was donated by Nawab Wallajah, occupied by the Thousand Lights Mosque is 3 acres. There is an interesting story behind the name of the mosque. It is said that 1000 lamps needed to be lit in order to illuminate the assembly hall. From this, it derived its name, Thousands Lights Mosque. However, there are others, who are of the belief that the lights were provided by the Indian National Congress to mark their first visit to the city of Madras. The mosque is a medieval architectural style building.

It has an exhilarating structure, with multi domes and spearing minarets. The average height of the minarets is around 64 feet above the ground. Besides, the mosque is adorned with the quotes from the holy book of Muslims, the Quran. There is a main hall at the ground floor to offer prayers for men, while there is a separate room for women. There are two rooms on the second floor which are known as Bargah and represent the sanctuary. Thousand Lights Mosque holds great importance for the Shiite Muslims and is a pilgrimage site for them.



Location:Beach Road


Rajiv Gandhi Memorial ChennaiA visit to the War Memorials of Chennai is the best way to discover the heroic past of India. The memorials are dedicated to those soldiers who laid their lives for the welfare of the nation as well as those who died as martyrs, serving their nation. These war memorials have been built to pay homage to those great souls. Some of these War Memorials are located within the boundaries of the city, while some are located at the outskirts. Two most famous and visited memorials in and around Madras are given below

Victory War Memorial
The Victory War Memorial is located to the south of Fort St. George. This memorial is also known as 'Cupid's Bow'. A circular rock and marble structure have been built here, in the memory of those who sacrificed and lost their lives for the country's honor, during World War I. It is situated on Beach Road of Chennai, near Island Grounds.

Rajiv Gandhi Memorial
Rajiv Gandhi Memorial is another must visit spot on your tour to Madras. It is located at a distance of about 40 km from the main city. The memorial is precisely situated at Sriperumbudur and is dedicated to the former Prime Minster of India, Raiiv Gandhi. He was assassinated in the year 1991 by a human bomb.

Location:Pantheon Road, Egmore
Main Attraction:Ancient artifacts and relics

Government Museum ChennaiThe Government Museum of Chennai is one of the most popular sightseeing pots in the city. It is deemed to be one of the oldest museums of India, as its inception dates back to the Colonial rule. There is a historical tale behind the origin of this Museum. In 1846 AD, the Madras Literary Society debated the proposal of establishing the museum. Finally, the proposal was approved by the Court of Directors of the East India Company in London. Chennai Government Museum has a sprawling complex and is sponsored by the State Government.

There are six independent buildings in the Museum campus, which constitute 46 galleries. The Museum was formally inaugurated on December 5, 1896 by the Sir Arthur Elibank Havelock, the then Governor. He named it after the former Governor, Lord Connenmara. The museum was designed by H. Irvin, the consulting architect of the Government of Madras. The Government Museum has a splendid hall, marvelous reading room and striking Teak wood shelf and stands divided into a number of sections.

These sections include those on Geology, Archeology, Zoology, Anthropology, Numismatics, Botany and Sculpture. Also, there are four galleries in the museum. They comprise of the Hindu Sculpture Gallery, Bronze Gallery, Amravathi Gallery and National Art Gallery. Apart from this, the Government Museum also houses a Children's Museum, which is a special section dedicated exclusively to Children. The Children's Museum includes three sections, namely Civilization Gallery, Transportation Gallery and Kids Corner.

Built In:1976
Dedicated To:Saint Thiruvalluvar

Valluvar Kottam ChennaiValluvar Kottam is a monument built to pay homage to Tamil Poet Saint Thiruvalluvar. The site where it is situated once housed an unused lake. The monument is in the shape of a temple chariot and contains a lively and splendid statue of the poet. The temple chariot is a replica of the one at Thiruvar. Thiruvalluvar's significant contribution to Tamil literature is in the form of Thirukkural. As a tribute, 133 verses from the same literary work have been inscribed at the base of the chariot.

In order to achieve this task, 3000 blocks of stones were required at time of the construction. Valluvar Kottam is the only one of its kind monument in Tamil Nadu. Apart from this, there is an auditorium that can accommodate upto 4000 people at a time. The most fascinating feature is that all the verses from the epic Thirukkural are inscribed on the granite pillars, surrounding the auditorium. Moreover, another amazing attribute of the auditorium is that it is not supported by a single pillar and stands without any support.




Coromandel Coast
Distance:40 km from Chennai
Main Attraction:Water Sports

Covelong Beach ChennaiCovelong Beach is one of the finest beaches on the coast of Coromandel. It is located at a distance of 40 km from Chennai. The beach is situated amidst picturesque locales and serves as the perfect retreat, away from the hum drum of the city life. Covelong is a small hamlet which presents an ideal blend of sun, sand and sea. This has made the beach a sought after tourist destination in every season. It is flanked by beautiful palm trees and white sands.

Moreover, a lot of fishing activity also takes place on the Covelong Beach, which is a treat for the eyes in such a serene setting. As per the historical background of the place, it was once the port of the Nawabs of the Carnatic. It is said that Saadat Ali, Nawab of Carnatic, built the ancient port of Covelong. However, with fast pacing developmental activities, the Covelong Beach has become a top beach resort in the state of Tamil Nadu.

It is specially a must visit site for all the adventure seekers, who love to stay on roll. The beach provides a plethora of water sport activities, like wind surfing, swimming, etc. Apart from this, there is an ancient fort in the vicinity of Covelong Beach, which serves as a memoir of the yester years. To enrich your travel experience further, it is dotted with other historical monuments like churches and mosques. The ancient Catholic Church is a must visit place on the beach.

Location:Anne Besant Nagar, Chennai

Elliot's Beach ChennaiElliot's Beach is one of the cleanest beaches in the city of Chennai. It is located towards the south of Marina Beach and is an extremely calm and tranquil place. The beach is known as 'Bessei' amongst the locals. As the beach does not offer much activity, it is ideal for long walks. Moreover, the ones who want to soak their feet in the splashing sea water and lose themselves completely in the arms of the nature, head on. Elliot's Beach is quite a hit amongst both the tourists as well as the natives of Tamil Nadu.

It is also the favorite destination of foreign tourists for enjoying sun bath. Elliot's Beach offers very subtle activity, with only few food joints and restaurants. You can relish the mouth watering South Indian snacks and pamper your taste buds, here. Apart from this, there are some religious and historical monuments, to be explored, to add to your adventure. Ashtalakshmi Temple and Velanganni Church are some worth visiting places in the vicinity.

The Ashtalakshmi Temple is around 20 years old and has modern style architecture. It is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi and appears different from the rest of the Temples in South India. On the other hand, Velanganni Church is more of a pilgrim place for the Christians. The structure is smaller than the one at Velanganni. In addition, there is the Schmidt Memorial, which is dedicated to a Dutch sailor, who lost his life while saving a drowning fellow. It is one of the most notable landmarks on the famous beach.
Main Attraction:Water Sports

Marina Beach ChennaiMarina Beach is the most famous beach of Tamil Nadu and is situated in the city of Chennai. The beach is considered to be one of the largest beaches in India and the world over. The beach stretches over a distance of 12 km and has a considerably large width. It begins from St. George Fort, in the north, and extends till Besant Nagar, in the south. This sandy beach is not only popular amongst the morning joggers, but is also a must visit spot for the tourists.

The road side along the Marina Beach is marked by a number of statues of known leaders and celebrities such as Mahatma Gandhi, Thiruvalluvar, Sir Thomas Munro, Kamarajar, Periyar and the Statue of Labor. Apart from this, there is Anna Square, the burial site of former Chief Minster of Tamil Nadu, Dr. C. N. Annadurai. Also, just adjacent to this you will find a beautiful park and a memorial dedicated to MGR Ramachandran, former actor-cum-politician. The tomb in the memorial has a striking pillar and an eternal flame.

In addition to this, Marina Beach has an artificial water fountain and a park to add to its splendor. You can also see an aquarium and a swimming pool in the vicinity. The aquarium has many sea as well as fresh water fishes. The southern end of the beach is marked by a Light House, which provides a panoramic view of the city. Marina Beach is thronged by people in the mornings and the evenings, when it is dotted by a number of food stalls and hawkers.
Distance:36 km from Chennai
Main Attraction:Backwaters and Handicraft Village, Dakshinchitra

Muttukadu is situated at a distance of 36 km from Chennai and is an excellent picnic spot for the residents of the city as well as tourists. The backwaters at Muttukadu have been developed by Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation. This was done in order to provide a fun filled spot offering water sports, for the entertainment of the people. This has positively affected the travel and tourism prospects of the area.

The main attraction of Muttukadu is the windsurfing regatta, which is organized in February every year. The other attraction of the extravaganza comprises of the wind surfing and water spots competitions. Also, training programs are held for the youth. This has made Muttukadu an ideal place for the adventure seekers. Apart from this, you can also admire the handicrafts of the region, at its best, at the handicraft village Dakshinchitra, situated nearby.

This village has been built in the traditional 19th century style and produces marvelous pieces of sculptures, ceramics and glass objects. It houses a crafts shop and a restaurant. The entry charges are different for Indians and foreigners. The village remains open on all days, except Tuesday. Besides, you can satisfy your hunger for adventure by paying a visit to the MGM DIZZEE World, which is an amusement park near Muttukadu. It offers different rides, water sports and is a must visit spot for kids.

Location:Kanchipuram District
Distance:60 km from Chennai
Main Attraction:Shore Temple

Shore Temple MahabalipuramMahabalipuram city is also known as Mamallapuram and is located in the Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu. The city was once the capital of Pallava kings and was named after the Pallava King, Mamalla. It is flanked by a number of historical monuments of the yore. Considering the antiquity and the significance of the monuments, it has been listed amongst the world heritage sites of UNESCO. Throwing light on the glorious past of India, these monuments are a delight from travel and tourism point of view.

Situated at a distance of 60 km from Chennai, the rock cut temples and caves situated here are the finest in the world and originated between 7th and 9th century. The main attraction of Mamallapuram is the Shore Temple, which is renowned for its intricate carvings and skilled craftsmanship, the world over. The temple is located on the shore facing the sea. The most striking feature of this temple is that it is dedicated to both Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva.

Apart from this, there are a number of other monuments here, such as the cave temples, monolithic rathas (chariots), sculpted reliefs and structural temples. Most of these monuments display Dravidian style of architecture. The pillars exhibit Dravidian art, whereas sculptures are excellent specimens of Pallava art. However, many of these structures are incomplete, which indicates sudden withdrawal of patronage form rock cut temples.

Other Attractions

There are a number of Mandapas in Mamallapuram, which are adorned with intricate carvings and reliefs. The sculptures display the artistic skills of Pallavan rock cutters. The main objects seen carved here are the figures of Gods and Goddesses. The Ganesh Mandapam is an active shrine even today and bears the figure of an Elephant God. Varaha Mandapam is dedicated to the incarnations of Lord Vishnu, namely Varaha - the boar and Vamana - the dwarf. Mahishasurmardini Mandapam depicts Goddess Durga, slaying a demon. Panch Pandava Mandapam is unfinished and is adorned with delicate carvings.

There are eight rathas here, which are in the form of monolithic temples - designed as chariots. The fascinating fact about these rathas is that their carvings are done with such meticulous details that it appears as if the rathas are made up of wood. The fine lines visible in timber are engraved in stone to give it the required look. Five of theses rathas are dedicated to the Pandavas and their wife Draupadi. Dharmaraja Ratha is the largest, while the Draupadi Ratha is the smallest.




Chennai Culture

Chennai Traditional FoodChennai is the known as the doorway to South India. This verifies the rich cultural heritage it boasts of. Having a cosmopolitan attribute, it is the mirror of all the diverse cultures, which are nourishing within its boundaries. But the beauty of it is that all the people reside in complete harmony with each other. During festival time, Chennai is swept by the waves of celebration and joy. People practice all the religious ceremonies and rites with utmost devotion. The glorious pat of the city shines by the means of monuments of the yore located here. Apart from this, Madras also preserves the traditional art forms of the past and still practices them in order to keep the tradition alive. This explains the spirit of Chennai, which by all means is a significant part of the Indian Heritage.

Chennai is a metropolitan city in the southern region of India. Due to the fast paced development taking place in the urban area, it has become the hub of all the major activities. This has attracted a huge influx of the people to Chennai for various purposes, such as employment, business, education etc.

Being a metropolitan city, Chennai houses a number of people from different religion and cultures. There is such a wide variety present here that it can be called one of the best examples of unity in diversity, in India. The most admirable feature of the city of Madras is that all the people live in perfect harmony.

Chennai LanguagesChennai is one of the fourth metropolitan cities of India and is also the capital of Tamil Nadu. This has brought many people to the city, from the all the corners of the nation. This influx can be attributed to the cosmopolitan character of the city which has given rise to a number of different languages being spoken. However, English is most widely spoken and is also preferred as the official language in Chennai. But, the major as well as the primary language of Chennai is Tamil.

Tamil is also the mother tongue of the region and is majorly spoken by the native people. Tamil language is an amalgamation of Tamil and English and also contains some words from Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi-Urdu. The people of Chennai are greatly in love with their mother tongue and prefer speaking the same. Tamil has accommodated words, grammar and suffixes from varied languages to invent new words.

However, the most profound influence seems to be that of English, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Telugu, Urdu, and Kannada. Besides, there is a notable Telugu-speaking minority in Chennai. Other languages spoken in the city are Malayalam, and Urdu. Chennai also houses a significant number of Marwari traders, Anglo Indian, Bengali, Punjabi and people from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, who speak the respective languages of their regions.

Tamil Nadu is known for its hospitality and traditional food. People in the state are of the belief that serving food to others is a service to mank

Chennai People

Chennai PeopleChennai is a metropolitan city in the southern region of India. Due to the fast paced development taking place in the urban area, it has become the hub of all the major activities. This has attracted a huge influx of the people to Chennai for various purposes, such as employment, business, education etc. This has given the city its cosmopolitan character, with people from different caste, community, religion and regions residing in its heart. However, the natives of Tamil Nadu are very particular about their value system and their beliefs.

People of Madras are world-famous for their hospitality and warmth. They strongly adhere to their age-old custom and traditions. Usually the day of a Tamil household begins with early rising and performing religious rites. The doorsteps are decorated with kolam, on a daily basis. Kolam are patterns made from rice power or white stone powder, which has both decorative as well as religious significance. People are very religious and visit the temples daily, but a major chunk of the population pays a visit on Friday.

All the religious ceremonies, rites and festivals are celebrated with great pomp and show. People are content, mainly owing to the fulfillment of their relatively simple needs and desires. People are very helpful and cooperative, so if by chance, you find yourself lost in the meandering streets of the city, do not panic, somebody will definitely help you. The residents of Chennai strongly believe in 'love thy neighbor'. They build harmonious relation with everybody in their vicinity and leave no scope for isolation.

Apart from this, there are a number of other people from different cultures residing in the city. This has made Chennai an absolute blend of varied cultures and lifestyles. There is a considerable population of Sindhis, Gujaratis, Malayalees, Muslims, and Kannadigas in the city, who live in perfect harmony with each other and present an excellent example of unity in diversity. Thus, Chennai is a paradise for all those who want to experience the true spirit of the country we call India
ind. This fortifies the fact that your eating experience in the city will definitely be an unforgettable one.



rain tree


Chennai Airport

Chennai AirportChennai International Airport is situated at a distance of 7 km towards the south of the city. It is the third largest international and busiest airport in the country, after Delhi and Mumbai. The airport claims the distinction of being one of the first airports in India. The initial terminal was built at Meenambakkam, due to which it was known as the Meenambakkam Airport. The new terminal has been built at Pallavaram, which caters to the passenger traffic.

The old terminal is now used for cargo operations by the Indian company, Blue Dart. The passenger terminal complex at Pallavaram consists of two terminals, one of which is domestic, while the other is international. Both the terminals are connected via a link building, which has administrative offices as well as a restaurant. The domestic terminal is known as Kamaraj Terminal while the international is known as Anna Terminal.

Madras International Airport has flights running to all the major cities of the country. Also, it connects Chennai with the major cities and countries of the world via a strong air network. The airport is looked after by the Airports Authority of India. There are a number of facilities offered by the airports authority for the convenience of the passengers. Almost all these facilities have been mention in the information provided below.
  • Free Telephone in security hold area
  • Special Assistance for physically handicapped passengers.
  • Reserved parking, rest places, PCOs, Toilets, etc
  • Reserved lounge / Executive lounge
  • AAI (IAD) assistance counter
  • Pre-paid taxi & car rental counter at Kamaraj Domestic Terminal and Anna International Terminal
  • Infant lobby
  • Free medical facility
  • Free passengers trolleys
  • Retiring rooms & dormitory accommodation for transit passengers
  • Health scan facility at Kamaraj Domestic Terminal
  • Auto vending machines for snacks, newspapers, magazines, etc
  • Restaurant for passengers & visitors
  • Entertainment televisions
  • STD/ISD facilities on city side area and terminal
  • Vending machines for tea / coffee and cold drinks in city side and terminal
  • Airport declared as "No Smoking Zone"
  • ICICI/Indian Bank ATM counters at Kamaraj Domestic Terminal
  • Foreign exchange counters at departure/arrival/city side
  • Communication centre for Internet browsing, Email, Video Phone, Conference, etc
  • Video/Phone/Conference facility
  • Duty free shop
  • Gift shop, travelers requisite shop, book stall, etc
  • AMBU-Lift facility
  • Tourist Information Counter - Government of India
  • Railway reservation counter
  • City coach centre


Chennai Flights

Chennai FlightsChennai International Airport is the third largest airport in India and handles a huge passenger crowd every day. Singapore tour packages & Sri Lanka packages are especially popular among outbound tourists from Chennai. The passenger terminal complex mainly houses two terminals. One is the domestic terminal, which is known as the Kamaraj Domestic Terminal. It caters to the traffic from different parts of the country. The international terminal is known as Anna International Terminal and it looks after the traffic from the various parts of the world. There are a number of cheap flights operating from both the terminals. Even for the tourists coming from abroad, there are a number of airlines connecting them to the Madras Airport. Given below is the list of various airlines operating from domestic and international terminals of Chennai International Airport.

Domestic Airlines
  • Air Deccan
  • Alliance Air
  • Go Air
  • Indian
  • IndiGo Airlines
  • Jet Airways
  • JetLite
  • Kingfisher Airlines
  • Paramount Airways
  • SpiceJet
  • Jagson Airlines
International Airlines
  • Air Arabia
  • Air France
  • Air India
  • Air India Express
  • Air Mauritius
  • British Airways
  • Emirates
  • Gulf Air
  • Indian
  • Jet Airways
  • JetLite
  • Kuwait Airways
  • Lufthansa
  • Malaysia Airlines
  • Oman Air
  • Qatar Airways
  • Saudi Arabian Airlines
  • Singapore Airlines
  • SriLankan Airlines
  • Thai Airways International
  • Nok Air
  • Tiger Airways
Cheap Flights
  • JetLite
  • SpiceJet
  • Go Air
  • IndiGo Airlines
  • Jagson Airlines


treval  to  chennai

How to Reach Chennai

Reaching Chennai By RailChennai is one of the four metropolitan cities of India and therefore has a strong transport network. This solves your query of how to reach Chennai. It has a good network of roads and railways, which will take you to the largest city of Tamil Nadu. Moreover, the city is effectively connected with a wide network of airlines. There are both national as well as international flights operating to and from Chennai. Considering all the above options, traveling to or getting to Madras is very easy and comfortable.

By Air
Chennai has an international airport which is located at a distance of 7 km from the main city. The airport caters to al the domestic and international passengers coming to the city. There are a number of domestic flights to and from Chennai which connects it to all the major cities within the country. Besides, there are host of international airlines which operate from the international terminal and links it with the important world cities with the city.

By Train
Primarily, Chennai has two railway stations, Chennai Cenral and Egmore Station. Chennai Central is the bigger one of the two and runs on broad gauge, connecting with all the major cities and towns of India such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Cochin, Thiruvananthapuram, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Lucknow, Guwahati . The Egmore Station houses a number of meter gauge and broad gauge trains, which originate from here and ply to different destinations within the state as well as to the neighboring states. Chennai Central links North and West India, while Egmore links South India.

By Road
Chennai is also well connected via road. It is linked with all the important places in Tamil Nadu as well as India with the help of a good network of roads. There are even government bus services which operate within Tamil Nadu and other states. These buses operate from Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminal at Jawaharlal Nehru Salai, Koyembedu. It is considered to be the largest bus station in entire Asia.

By Sea
A cruise is one of the most adventurous ways of getting to Madras. A passenger service connects Chennai with Port Blair in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.


Chennai Local Transport

Chennai Local TransportChennai is one of the largest cities in India and therefore requires an effective local transport system to enable people to commute within the city. Although there are various means of public transport available in Madras, motorcycles, mopeds and motor scooters are still very popular. This is because they are affordable, fuel efficient, maneuverable and require lesser parking space. The transportation network of Chennai is user friendly and provides coverage and connectivity. To make things more convenient for the travelers, the city has been undergoing construction of flyovers at important roads and junctions. Read on to know more about modes of local transport in Madras.

Buses are the primary source of transport in Chennai. The bus service in the city is run by the government-owned Metropolitan Transport Corporation. These buses cover almost the entire city as well as the nearby suburbs. The bus service is usually comfortable, with an exception of being crowded sometimes.

Auto Rickshaws
Auto rickshaws are a comfortable way of traveling within the city. Usually the autos are metered, but it is good to fix the fare before they take you for a ride. Autos are expensive as compared to buses and suitable for covering short distances within the city.

Taxis are quite popular amongst the tourists who come to explore the city. These taxis are best preferred when you have to travel a long distance and require a vehicle for a long period of time. Taxis charge according to the distance they will cover and are preferable if you are traveling with a group.

Other Means of transport
Apart from all the above, there are a number of transport options available for the people in Chennai. You can hire Vans, popularly known as Maxi Cabs, which run on different routes in the city. There is a mini private bus service operating in the suburban area of Chennai. Besides, there is Chennai suburban railway network, which has four broad gauge rail sectors, connecting the suburbs with the city.


foreign  embassies

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Foreign Embassies Chennai

Chennai is one of the four major metropolitan cities of India. Therefore, a number of foreign embassies and consulates are situated here. These embassies and consulates take care of different issues and have a set of duties to carry out. Some of the major functions of these deputations include issuing Visa, conducting language test and exams, maintaining cordial relations with other countries, promoting co operation between countries, enhancing trade and culture practices, protecting their citizens in other countries, etc. So, just in case you face any problem during your stay in Madras, you can always contact the embassy or consulate of your country for help. Given below is the list of various foreign embassies and consulates in Chennai.

Embassies and Consulates
  • Belgium (Nungambakkam)
  • Denmark (Gopalapuram)
  • Finland (Anna Salai)
  • Germany (Egmore)
  • Hungary (Parrys)
  • Iceland (Nungambakkam)
  • Indonesia (Guindy Indl.Estate)
  • Italy (Parrys)
  • Japan (Teynampet)
  • Korean (Greams Road)
  • Malaysia (Teynampet)
  • Mauritius (Nungambakkam)
  • Norway (Parrys)
  • Philippines (Guindy Indl.Estate)
  • Russia (Mylapore)
  • Singapore (T.Nagar)
  • Spain (Santhome)
  • Srilanka (Teynampet)
  • Sweden (Gopalapuram)
  • Switzerland (Alwarpet)
  • United Kingdom (Anna Salai)
  • United States Of America (Anna Salai)
  • Chile (R A Puram)
  • Czech (T. Nagar)
  • Greece (Chetpet HO)
  • Netherlands (Parrys)
  • Newzealand (Gopalapuram)
  • Serbio & Mondenegro (Nandanam)
  • Turkemenistan (T. Nagar)
  • Turkey (Parrys)



Chennai is noted for its delectable South Indian cuisine, so distinct from North Indian cuisine but equally famous and much sought after everywhere. From the idli, vada, and idiyappam to uppuma and dosa, Chennai provides delicious variety for the taste buds. There are numerous vegetarian restaurants in Chennai serving simple meals where a thali lunch is served on a banana leaf to sumptuous spreads in the big hotels. One can also savour non-vegetarian Chettinad cuisine that is a specialty in Tamil Nadu and will be a delight for those who like hot and spicy non-vegetarian food. This type of food has several variations of fish, mutton, and chicken dishes of which the Chettinad Pepper Chicken is special.

Tamil Nadu, especially Chennai, is famous for its filter coffee as most Tamils have a subtle contempt for instant coffee. The making of filter coffee is almost a ritual, for the coffee beans have to be first roasted and then ground. The powder is put into a filter set and boiling hot water is added to prepare the decoction and allowed to set for about 15 minutes. The decoction is then added to milk with sugar to taste. The final drink is poured from one container to another in rapid succession to make the ideal frothy cup of filter coffee.

Idli Dosa,Cuisine of Chennai
As Chennai is still a city absorbed in Tamil culture & tradition, the tradition reflects in the food of the Chennaites. Rice being the major staple food of the South Indians, Chennai is no exception. Riceforms an important ingredient of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Lunch or meals consist of cooked rice served with an array of vegetable dishes, sambar, chutneys, rasam and curd (yogurt). For a non-vegetarian lunch, curries or dishes cooked with mutton, chicken or fish is included. The meals are incomplete without crisp papads or appalam. Breakfast or tiffin includes idly, dosai and lentils crisp fried on a pan, vada (deep fried doughnuts made from a batter of lentils), pongal (a mish mash of rice and lentils boiled together and seasoned with ghee, cashew nuts, pepper and cummin seed), uppuma (cooked semolina seasoned in oil with mustard, pepper, cummin seed and dry lentils.) There are several variations of the dishes mentioned above which are eaten with coconut chutney, sambar (seasoned lentil broth) and mulaga podi (a powdered mix of several dried lentils eaten with oil).

Cuisine of ChennaiThe Chennai cuisine has a variety of recipes. The menus are usually influenced by the menu of different people who have moved into Chennai from different parts of Tamil Nadu. Each ingredient in a dish has some medicinal value associated with it. On festival occasions, even today the traditional Chennai lunch is served on a banana leaf. It is an ancient Tamilian belief that the banana leaf has the ability to take away untraceable amounts of toxins in the food we eat.

The Chennaites also do not mind experimenting with their taste buds occasionally. The upcoming pizza centers and fast food joint explain it. Spices are added to give a distinctive taste. The Tamil style of Mughlai food can be savoured in the biriyanis and paya. The later is a kind of spiced trotters broth and is eaten with either parathas or appam.



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T Nagar, Ranganathan Street

No shopping in Chennai is complete without a trip to Ranganathan Street - if you are up to tackling the crowds that throng this busy street. Ranganathan Street, T. Nagar is a good place to shop for a variety of things. From safety pins to exquisite jewellery, the place is choc-a-bloc with stores brimming with goods.

                                                 jewelry   shopping

Silk saris and jewelry make for the perfect ensemble. So with sari shops found aplenty in Chennai, it is but appropriate for jewelry shops to jostle for space amongst them. T. Nagar boasts the highest number of jewelry shops that sell gold, silver and platinum jewelry. Be it gold jewelry, diamonds, silver or the costlier platinum, you can find the most attractive piece of jewelry artistically designed to suit different moods, occasions and purposes.

In keeping with the international demand where customers look for an altogether different shopping experience, the shopping mall culture is fast gaining popularity. Earlier, limited to City's main artery such as Anna Salai or Mount Road, Chennai is experiencing an influx of newer, modern shopping centers all over the city.


Shopping in Chennai malls from dawn to dusk can be a fascinating experience. Distinguished as a place that promises finest shopping bargains of the world, Chennai's shopping malls offer a large range of shopping options. From Pursalwakkam in North Chennai to Adyar in the south of the city, bustling shopping complexes have changed the face of the city.


The most recently built shopping mall such as The City Center offers an awesome 1,50,000 sq. ft. of shopping area. Its ambience seems to be adding a new dimension to the City's looks, what with it promising to be a one-stop entertainment destination.


Lifestyle has opened a huge outlet and offers its distinct shopping options. Landmark too has a major presence here and promises to be a wonderful shopping experience. There are food courts and INOX multiplex cinemas planned here.


Spencer Plaza on Mount Road is a hot favorite particularly with children and teens. The mall is 125,000 sq ft, fully air-conditioned and accommodates more than 400 shops. Located at about half-hour ride from the airport, all the leading international brands have an outlet in Spencer Plaza. Branded apparel shops, reputed jewelry shops, food, grocery, IT products, electronics and entertainment items, healthcare supplies, handlooms and handicraft shops, bookshops provide an overwhelming shopping experience to consumers.


From here, it takes ten minutes to reach shopping complexes of Alsa Mall, Cisons Complex, Fountain Plaza and Prince Plaza in Egmore. Not comparable with Spencer Plaza, these malls still draw youth looking for ethnic outfits, accessories and curio items. Shoppers stop, Globus, Westside, Lifestyle, Landmark are shopping stores that have completely changed the way people window shop and buy. These malls are vast, centrally air conditioned with three or four floors and house branded goods, as well as utility items and restaurants.


With another three nearing completion and many under consideration for approval, Chennai promises an internationally accepted standard of shopping to every prospective customer. The world's first shopping mall dedicated entirely to gold is soon to be opened in the City. Luring the customers to buy branded jewelry, dress jewelry as well as traditional gold seems to be the primary objective of this unique 'only gold mall'.

Mall NameDescriptionAddressPhone
Spencer PlazaProbably the first mall in Madras. What was originally an imposing Red building constructed during the British era, it transformed to the modern edifice after a fire accident in 1985. G-7, Ground Floor, Anna Salai, Mount Road , Chennai- 600002.044-28491179/28491180
Chennai citi centerPromoted by the Buhari group, this 150,000 square feet of shopping mall has Lifestyle and Landmark occupying half the mall. It has a decent food court and INOX theater. 10&11, Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai,Mylapore,Chennai- 600004.044-43577371/43518181
Abirami Mall Abirami Theater complex which boasts of a '7 star' theater with a Spanish Opera House theme, has a food court in level 1 and shops in the other 2 levels. 152 , Purasalwakkam High Road,Chennai 600010.044-26431022
Express Avenue mall Opened on 30th May 2010 by the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Mr. M.Karunanidhi, this huge shopping mall with about 2,000,000 sq.ft of shopping space is from Express Infrastructure - subsidiary of the Indian Express group. A world class Business Chamber spread over 200,000 sq.ft, a 40 room Boutique Hotel and a comprehensive food court with international cuisine form part of this mall. It has a multi level 1500 car capacity parking. No:2,Club house road,Mount road,Chennai-600002.-
Skywalk MallAmpa Skywalk is an integrated Shopping Mall with PVR Cinemas 7 Screens, promoted by Mr.Ampa Palaniappan. Major food outlets like McDonalds and KFC occupy part of the food court here. 1, Nelson Manickam Road,Aminjikarai,Chennai-600029.044-42186677/23742140
Ispahani centre hallIspahani Center is a relatively small shopping mall located in Nungambakkam. Marry Brown, Caffe Coffee Day and Swarovski have occupied prime space here. 124, Nungambakkam High Road,Nungambakkam,Chennai-600034.




Chennai Jewelry shopping

Silk saris and jewelry make for the perfect ensemble. So with sari shops found aplenty in Chennai, it is but appropriate for jewelry shops to jostle for space amongst them. T. Nagar boasts the highest number of jewelry shops that sell gold, silver and platinum jewelry. Be it gold jewelry, diamonds, silver or the costlier platinum, you can find the most attractive piece of jewelry artistically designed to suit different moods, occasions and purposes.



Lalitha Jewelry, GR Thanga Maaligai, Prince Jewelry, Nathella Sampathu Chetty, Khazana, Kerala jewelers are popular shops in T. Nagar. Some of these shops have their branches in other parts of the City like Parry’s Corner, Royapettah, Mylapore, and Anna Nagar. Vummidi Bangaru Chetty and Sons on Mount Road also enjoys wide patronage from customers.


Tanishq in Anna Nagar and Cathedral Road have a unique product line. Tanishq jewelers specifically target varied jewelry needs of women such as party wear, western wear apart from traditional jewelry. These reputed shops are traditional jewelers known for gold purity and integrity. This in turn has helped them to earn and retain a devoted base of loyal customers, who continue to be their patrons for generations.


Shopping for wedding jewelry involves a mix of traditional south Indian patterns and modern lightweight jewelry, more suited for everyday wear. The traditional thali or mangalsutra differs from region and community. From ornately carved jewelry styles to geometric patterns, the range of jewelry is mind boggling.


Gold necklaces encased with rubies, pearls or corals or jade are an attractive buy. Pendants based on devotional or artistic styles are also available.A popular option for budget jewelry buyers is 1 gram gold ornaments.


Vying for customer attraction, each shop has established a traditional brand name. Lots of promotional activities ensure meeting the expectations of respective target customers. Looking at the artistic jewelry in Chennai jewelry showrooms, it doesn’t take much time to understand the raging jewelry mantra - modern with traditional flavor.


Chennai Silk Sari shopping

Right from 1950, T. Nagar has been a favorite destination for silk sari shopping. Located right in the center of the city, southwest of the Anna Flyover, T. Nagar is 10 kms from Chennai Airport. T. Nagar has long been the Mecca for silk saris, textile and gold.


A visit to T.Nagar promises a choice of minimum of 10 reputed silk sari stores. Nalli Silks, Kumaran Silks, Pothys, Sundari Silks, RmKv silks are some of the established silk sari stores in this part of the City.


Sari shops in and around Mylapore also have their share of loyal customers. Vardharams on Harrington Road, Tulsi Silks, Rasi or Radha silk emporium near Kapaleeswarar temple in Mylapore, BM Silks and India Silk Emporium enjoy a faithful clientele. Co-optex Saree Museum on Pantheon Road, Egmore and a series of several emporia along the famous Mount Road add to the vast number of sari shops in the city.


Many of these shops have their own design and weaving centres. Innovation, experimenting with new designs and color combinations, gracious customer service, maintaining excellent client rapport seems to be the keyword for their sustained growth. Keen in adapting to changing customer needs in order to maintain goodwill and clientele; they provide all support to customers while selecting the right sari.


All these shops stock both traditional Kanchipuram silk saris and the modern lightweight saris. The range includes block printed saris, printed silk saris, pure silk saris, dharmavaram silk saris, kanchipuram saris, mysore silk saris, aarani silk saris, hand loom silks, bridal wear saris.


Today Chennai boasts of sari stores that stock a wide variety of glamorous saris, from embroidered georgette and embellished chiffon to gaily printed and designer sarees one of a kind. You can look for such a range at Varsidhi, Man Mandir, Rupkali and Ruprang, to name a few.


Talking of prices, your budget is the limit. Simple, elegant lightweight silk saris can be purchased for as less as Rs.1500/- and authentic silk sari can cost up to one lakh. The price depends on the silk purity, intricate designs and embellishments.


Tissue Silk Saree

The sari is one of the oldest apparel in the world. The ancient Tamil epic ‘Silappadhikaram’ describes the exquisite beauty of the South Indian drapery of the women, namely the saree. Silk has always been a highly revered fabric in India. Silk is considered ceremonial wear at religious rituals and weddings.

Silk is popular from time immemorial and it has been sought after by kings and queens. Silk is known for its softness, smoothness, and luster, graceful and sensuous folds, which lends itself to exquisite designing.


Silk weaving tradition revolves around the saree, which is worn by women in most parts of India. A silk saree combines the glamour and shine associated with silk and creation of a myriad traditional saree styles associated with each region in India. Every kind of silk saree lends its unique flavor to the Indian ethnicity and cultural heritage.


Silk saris are often created with zari work that is handcrafted using delicate gold threads. The pallu of a silk saree is normally adorned by intricate patterns usually made of zari. The border of the entire silk sarees normally contains zari work – the more the zari, the more expensive the saree.


Indian silk saris

Silk is graded in deniers. Unlike cotton, where the lesser the count the thicker the material and higher the count, the thinner the material, in silk it is just the opposite. The lesser the denier, finer the silk and thicker denier produces heavier silk. In India the main silk saree weaving centers are Kancheepuram, Banaras, Surat, Chander, Murshidabad, Mysore, Assam, Tanjore and Dharmavaram among others.


Each saree is traditionally associated with the places where the sari originates. Each silk saree is recognized by its distinctive weave and texture, color, border width, pattern and motifs used and also the timeless heritage that a silk saree represents. While the North Indian silk sarees are largely influenced by the architectural patterns of Mughal periods, the south Indian silk sarees are intrinsically indigenous and ethnic.


Tissue silk sari

The renowned zari brocade weavers of Benaras are known for weaving the tissue saree, which resembles golden cloth. By running the zari in weft, a combination of zari and silk in extra weft and silk in warp, they weave a saree that has densely patterned golden lotuses floating in glimmering pond. Tissue sarees are most popular as wedding sarees. A tissue saree has a glazed shine due to the use of the real gold/silver zari in weft on silk warp.


Benaras silk sari

Benaras is one of the leading silk saree producing centers in India. The Banaras silk sarees are known for their heavy gold and silver brocades. Gold and silver wires are made hair thin by heating the metal passing through minute holes. These wires of gold and silver are used with the silk yarn for weaving.


The Jamdani silk is a variety of brocade traditionally worn in Banaras. It is considered one of the finest silk products coming from the Banarasi loom. Jamevar and Navrangi are some of the other brocade types famous in Banaras silk sarees. The most famous is the Amru silk brocades known not only in India but abroad as well.


Patola silk sari

These saris come from the state of Gujarat in India. They are created by using the resist dye technique. The Patola sarees are known for their bright flaming colors and geometric designs. Most of the designs have folk motifs. The Rajkot Patola sarees are vertically resist dyed while the Patan Patola sarees are horizontally resist dyed.


Bandhani silk saris

The traditional bandhani sarees are made of dyeing the cloth in such a manner that many small resist dyed spots produce elaborate patterns over the fabric. The traditional bandhani silk saree has shrunk because of the low priced silk-screened imitations in modern bandhani sarees. The original bandhani sarees come in two contrasting colors, with borders. Red and black are the most common color combinations.


The Panetar saree is a Gujarati saree of satin weave and Gajji silk with red borders. The most famous of this type of Gujarati saree is called Garchola. The Garchola is the traditional Hindu and Jain wedding saree, which nowadays are made of silk. The number of squares in the saree is ritually significant in multiples of 9,12 or 52.


Paithani silk sari

Paithani silk sarees are from Maharastra state. They come in bright ‘kum kum’ colors with contrasting borders. Paithani silk have decorations in gold dots. Kosa silk is another famous silk derived from Ganeshpur in Maharastra. In this village silk has been produced and exported ever since 1871.


Chanderi and Maheshwari silks

The state of Madhya Pradesh is famous for Chanderi, Maheshwari and Tussar silk sarees. Chanderi silk sarees are known for their soft colors. There is a harmonious balance between the border and the body of these sarees. Normally human and animal figures are depicted in these sarees. The sarees are reputed for their contrasting colors. Maheshwari sarees are known for their elaborate pattern and border. These sarees have exotic motifs in zari and pleasant colors both inspired by nature.


Tussar silk sari

Tussar silk also known as Kosa silk is valued for the purity and texture. Available in natural shades of gold, dark, honey, tawny, beige, cream, Tussar sarees are considered as auspicious. Tussar silk is got from a special variety of cocoons raised from Arjun and Sal trees. Tussar sarees come in a range of colors and decorated by a variety of natural motifs. This type of silk is also produced in the Bihar state.


Embroidered tinsel sari

These sarees that come from the western region are rich in embroidered tradition. The sarees come in zardozi, the gold gilt thread embroidery technique. Today it is an inextricable part of a bridal trousseau. Nowadays cheaper versions of these saree variations are available in metallic embroidery, which is quite popular.


Orissa Sambalpuri Sari

These sarees are known for single and double ikat work. These sarees are sober in color and decorated with curved forms. The pallu of these sarees have animal and floral patterns in them.


Baluchari sari

Baluchari saris are from Murshidabad in West Bengal. The baluchar technique involves weaving untwisted silk thread for weaving brocades. The pallu of these sarees have patterns that resemble miniature paintings.


Apart from the above-mentioned silk sarees, Dharmavaram and Arani of Andhra Pradesh, Kornad of Tanjore, Kolegal, Molkalmoru and Mysore are other famous places for silk sarees in South India. All these sarees come in broad decorative borders, contrasting colors, traditional motifs and some in ikat silk weave. Each of these silk saree is an exquisite creation boasting of tradition and ethnicity atonce.


Artificial silk sarees

Nowadays artificial silk sarees come in many options - embroidered, printed, designer printed, party wear, silk feel gold sarees. These are cheaper versions and imitations of the real silk saree. They are also immensely popular. These saris are designed to give a pure silk feel and look. These sarees look fabulous and imitate a real silk saree. They have woven zari motif, border and pallu. These formal wear sarees are set in single and multicolor combinations. They have a touch of gold color to give a festive mood to a saree. They come in traditional and fancy designs. It is better to dry wash them.


The artificial silk sarees are lightweight; they come in theme prints such as geometrical patterns, art, floral, figures and jungle print. They are available in a multitude of color options. There are casual sarees in artificial silk, which are lightweight and available in an array of colors and prints. The color schemes are vibrant, bold or subtle. They complement any skin color and personality. These sarees have all over print and scarcely any motifs.


Silk Test

Each silk saree holds a spellbinding appeal to the Indian woman, transcending age, religious and regional affiliation. Every Indian woman craves for a silk saree, especially during the festive seasons.

From the gorgeous Kancheevaram and breathtaking Benaras silk to the lustrous paithanis, mekhlas, ashavalis and dhakais, she is spoilt for choice. India has the unique distinction of producing different varieties of silk in the world. Indian silk sarees are popular the world over for their sheer variety of designs, weave and high quality.


To find out if the saree is made of pure silk, a simple method can be followed.


Take a few threads from the warp and weft and burn them from their ends. When the thread stops burning, a very tiny ash ball might be left behind.Rub the ball in-between your fingers and smell the powdered ash. If it is pure silk, it will smell like burnt hair. Silk, wool, leather and hair all burn alike and form an ash ball.


In case of artificial silk, the fibers will flare and burn out quickly there will be neither ash ball nor smell like burnt hair. This silk fabric test is sure to help you while buying silk fabric.


emergency  number

  • Aringnar Anna Government – 6214844
  • Railway Hospital – 618252
  • General Hospital in Saidapet – 458753
  • Govt. Hospital of Thoracic Medicine – 2368450
  • Dental Hosptial - 5240441

The fire control room of Chennai can be contacted by dialing up 101. The 23 fire stations of the city can be accessed through the numbers of 8554311 / 13 / 16 / 17.

Some of the ambulance service providers of Chennai city have the following contact numbers:

  • Child Trust Hospital – 42001800
  • Apollo Hospital - Greams Rd / Teynampet / Tondiarpet 1066
  • Govt. Royapettah Hospital – 28483051
  • St. Isabel Hospital 24991081

Blood Banks of Chennai

The Blood Banks are located in all parts of the Chennai city. The phone numbers of some of the blood banks of the city are:

  • Vijaya Blood Bank +91 - 44 – 24881392
  • Apollo Hospitals +91 - 44 – 28294870
    Chennai Emergency Numbers include the contact details of Police, ambulance, blood banks, fire brigade and hospitals. The citizens of Chennai as well as those coming to visit the city can dial up the emergency numbers at any time of the day.

    From Police stations and hospitals to banks and fire brigade, the Chennai emergency numbers cover all important contact particulars.

    Emergency Numbers of Chennai Police

    The important numbers of the various departments of the Chennai Police are:
    • Control room – 100
    • Child Line – 1098
    • Senior Citizen Line – 1253
    • Confidential Complaints – 42103535
    • Traffic Control Room – 103
    • Blue Line – 12700
    • Women Help Line – 1091

    Emergency Numbers of Hospitals

    There are a number of hospitals run by the state government in Chennai. The contact numbers of some of these hospitals are:
    • ESI Hospital in KK Nagar – 4892097
  • Govt. Kasturbha Gandhi Hospital +91 - 44 - 28545001



Chennai Education includes schools, colleges and universities all of which offer educational services at par with the national and international standards. Both private and government schools and colleges operate in the Chennai city.

Comprising a future-oriented course curriculum and state-of-the-art infrastructure, the Chennai Education provides a knowledge-based guidance to the students. The schools of Chennai admit students at the age of three. Most of the colleges of the city are affiliated to the esteemed universities of Chennai.

Schools of Chennai

The Government of Tamil Nadu runs a number of schools in Chennai. All the schools run by the State Government use both Tamil and English as the medium of instruction. The private schools of Chennai city instruct the pupils through English language. The minimum age to get admission in the Chennai
schools is three years.

Colleges of Chennai

The Chennai colleges are affiliated to the prestigious universities of the state of Tamil Nadu. From engineering and technology to arts and science, the colleges of Chennai city provide a varied range of courses to the interested students. Both undergraduate and postgraduate courses and Ph.D programs are offered by these colleges.

The Chennai Universities

The Anna University and Madras University of Chennai affiliates most of the colleges of the city. There are several other universities in Chennai city that are known for their high quality of education. Among others, The Tami Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University, Tamil Nadu Open University and Tamil Nadu Dr. M G R Medical University are worth

government  chennai

The Chennai Government primarily constitutes the Chennai Corporation. Being the capital city of Tamil Nadu Chennai has a well-developed framework of government. There are a total of 155 wards that are administered by the Government of Chennai.

Chennai Government plays a major role in providing a full-fledged administrative infrastructure to the people of the city. The rural areas of Chennai have Local Self Administration which is facilitated by a three tier system. Since Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu hence most of the significant governmental functions are carried out in this city only.

Chennai Metropolitan Area

The Chennai Metropolitan Area is an important part of the administrative structure of the city as well as Tamil Nadu. Covering a total area of 1189 sq km, the Chennai Metropolitan Area or CMA comes under the 3 Tamil Nadu districts. These include some parts of Kancheepuram, Chennai district and a part of Thiruvallur. Including the city of Chennai, the Metropolitan Area consists of 214 village panchayats, 20 town panchayats and 16 municipalities.

The Establishment of Chennai Corporation

The Chennai Corporation came into being in the year of 1688. East Indian Company issued a charter in the year 1607 which contained information regarding inclusion of all the divisions of Town of Fort St. George within a distance of 10 miles into the Corporation of Chennai. The corporation started levying municipal taxes through the Parliamentary Act of 1792. The statutory powers were conferred upon the Corporation by the Madras Municipal Corporation Act, 1919.

Being the oldest Municipal house of India, Chennai Corporation today is a successful administrative body of the city.
There are 10 administrative zones within the Chennai Corporation all of which are administered by individual zonal officers

A Chief Executive heads the Chennai Corporation as the commissioner 7 Superintending Engineers, 2 Chief Engineers, 1 Deputy Commissioners from Indian Administrative Service and 3 Joint Commissioner are there to provide assistance to the Chief Executive.

Departments of Chennai Corporation

Chennai corporation has several departments that have been established to look after the civic infrastructure of the city. Some of the departments of the Corporation are as follows:
  • General administration
  • Council department
  • Revenue department
  • Land & Estate department
  • Financial management unit
The engineering departments of the Corporation include:
  • Electrical department
  • Solid waste management department
  • Mechanical engineering department
  • Buildings department
  • Parks & play fields
  • Health department
  • Storm water drain department
  • Family welfare department
  • Works department
  • Privatization of solid waste management
  • Bridges department
  • Education department
Manned by efficient officials and well-equipped departments, the Chennai Corporation represents a successful part of Chennai Government.





  • The Mounted Police
  • Anti Vice Squad
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Police Radio Branch & Technical Cell
  • Central Crime Branch
  • Dog Squad
  • Motor Transport
  • Finger Print Bureau
  • Secretariat Security District
  • Cyber Cell
  • Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad
  • Photo Section
  • Crime Records Bureau
  • Intelligence Section
  • Estate Welfare & Community Policing
  • Shorthand Bureau

There is a public discussion forum of Chennai Police wherein the common people can come and present their grievances. Those who want to post their opinion and comments about the performance of the Police of Chennai can do the same by browsing its own website. The number of the Chennai Police Control Room is 100. The emergency numbers of various other departments of the Police can be found from its web portal.

The history of Chennai Police dates back to 1659 when the British rulers employed Pedda Naik to protect the then city of Madraspatanam. Today, the Police Force of Chennai plays a significanr role in maintaining the law and order conditions of the city.

Commissioner of Police leads the entire Police Force of Chennai city. Known as the Additional Director General of Police, the Commissioner is responsible for keeping a peaceful environment within the city of Chennai. The post of Inspector General of Police is headed by the Additional Commissioner of Police who assists the Commissioner.

Departments of Chennai Police

The Chennai Police houses a number of departments each of which is responsible for administering a separate field of operation. The Police Departments of Chennai are as follows:

  • Armed Reserve
  • Chennai City Traffic Police




General Enquiry131
Arrival and Departures of Trains (BG)133
Dy.Station Master25353218
Commercial Supervisor / Parcel office25357372


Reservation Enquiry BG & MG132
Automated Reservation Enquiry BG & MG (English)1361
Automated Reservation Enquiry BG & MG (Hindi)1362
Automated Reservation Enquiry BG & MG (Tamil)1363
Asst Commercial Manager25353816


General Enquiry135
Reservation Enquiry BG & MG134
Station Manager28254533
Station Master28251579


hospitals& medical colleges

Hospitals & Medical Colleges

<><>                                  <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>





Madras Medical College And Research Institute

Chennai - 600003

25363001 to 25363008


Stanley Hospital

Chennai - 600001

25261345 to 25261353


Kilpauk Medical College

Chennai - 600010



Chennai Medical College

Chennai - 600003

25363001 to 25363008


Government Hospital For Thoracic Medicine

Tambaram Sanatorium, Chennai -600047


2368450, 2368427, 2368568


Institute Of Child Health And Hospital For Children

Halls road, Egmore, Chennai - 600008




Institute Of Obstetrics And Gynaecology And Government Hospital For Women And Children

Egmore, Chennai - 600008

28191483, 28192685, 28192686


Institute Of Mental Health

Chennai - 600010

26421085 to 26421089


Institute Of Rehabilitation Medicine


2891666, 24891687, 24892678


Institute Of Thoracic Medicine

Chetpet, Chennai-600031



Kasturba Gandhi hospital For Women And Children

Chennai - 600005

28545001, 28545123, 28545073


Kilpauk Hospital

Chennai - 600010

28255331 to 28255334


General Hospital

Chennai - 600003

25363130, 25363139, 25363001


King Institue Of Preventive Medicine

Guindy, Chennai - 600032

22341026 to 22341029


Arignar Anna Govt Hospital Of Indian Medicine

Chennai - 600106

26214844, 26216244, 26281563


Regional Institute Of Ophthalmology and Government Ophthalmic Hospital

Chennai - 600008

28555281, 28554540, 28554345


Royapettah Hospital

Chennai - 600014

28483051 to 28483056


R S R M Lying - In Hospital

Cemetry Road, Chennai - 600013



Siddha Medical College




Dental College Hospital

Sir Muthusamy Salai, Chennai - 600003


25340343, 25340441


Thiruvatteeswarar Hospital Of Thoracic Medicine

Kunnur High Road,Otteri, Chennai - 600012

26461336, 26461337


Unani Medical College




Indian Medicine and Homeopathy

Chennai -600106

26216244, 26214844



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